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So what exactly is a Virtual Learning Environment?

VLE - Virtual Learning Environment is a specialized software program that replaces traditional classrooms through the internet & offers comfort of your home.

What does this VLE  supposed to mean?

We expect to have only english, telugu & tamil in early stages followed by hindi, kannada.

What languages are supported in VLE?

There are two modes available

1. Batch wise sessions

2. 1 on 1 sessions.

for 1 on 1 sessions, separate add-on have to be purchased.

What are all the modes in VLE?

For batches, the retakes are unlimited, literally & for 1 on 1, the retakes are permissible but only with batches.

How about the retakes?

we have two types of batches here

1. Normal (2 hours a day)  &

2. Intensive (5 hours a day on Saturday & Sundays)

How often does the batches commence?

It will be extended until the course is completed, fully - free of cost.

What if the time line is lapsed?

Well, that's old school, we've got some great applications that gives a feel, as you're in a real classroom from your place - virtual boards, live QnA's and much more...!

Is the teaching done through Skype &/or team viewer ?

It depends on circumstances but on an average it might take between 35 - 40 hrs

& for 1 on 1, flat 40 hr add-on pack will do it !

what is the timeline for covering the syllabus?

Check the batch schedules here once the service is on its wheels.

The possibility to enroll in various classes & in different languages too. There also exists a possibility to learn & test things in live market environment.

What are the advantages of VLE?

The Best Distant learning Programme with added benefits

As a part of constant development & diversification to satisfy our growing clients demand, we endeavor to develop an online LIVE virtual classroom solution that Primarily focuses on having individual attention on each & every client; to provide them a prioritized & personalized services with the comfort of home &  internet.

The VLE, first of its kind comprises of two components 

- Online trading academy (Pre - recorded selective lectures with case studies)

- Live lectures in market environment.


Expected Launch 2nd quarter 2018

Learn without limitations, Explore infinite dimensions

Enroll for any number of classes in various languages with no additional cost

put your learning to practice, simultaneously as you learn them

- Supported Languages Tamil, Telugu & English

- Coming Soon Hindi, Kannada


 A division of Brains' assistance services. The service that focuses on quality rather than the quantity.


  •  Simple & easy enough to understand directions - Not just a tip but PTS doesn't misses a chance to impress you on educational aspect too. 

  •  Everything video concept - the idea that clarifies our clients & facilitates in easier understanding.

  •  No alternatives approach (various otherwise directions within a tip) that a  makes PTS first of its kind.


For those who aren't big on sharing & concerns Priority

We've got something for you too!

check out our one on one mentoring through VLE

Subscribe to VLE + in addition to the VLE package to gain 20+ hours of personal mentoring.

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