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          The slide show is just a miniature model accounting for only 30% of course content. Its purpose is to provide a basic idea about the course and remember that the actual course is hefty and way more than this.


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ENLIGHTENMENT PLAN knowledge matters 

Why Choose Us?

  • This is an Intensive trading training Programme which marks it performance by being aggressive through teaching all concepts within in a span of 2 days (12 hrs a day) or a week.We will be upto your performance during mentoring & as soon as the mentoring is complete, rigorous drill will be given.





  • we offer our clients freedom of choice about anything: their place, time, Pace.

(tailor made in every aspects).


  • we will provide extended support for our clients who struggle to apply the principle during their earlier stages of training.



  • we also offer 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • In LeadBrains, we are committed to provide world class trading education, at which we are concerned only about the knowledge more than anything.


  • we are mentors and not just teachers.


This is our 100% promise that after being educated by us, our clients have turned off their search for tip providers and best market trainers, as they become one.


Most of the trainers teach EWP as in text books and it is very difficult to apply and track them in real-time basis but we have totally re-constructed the course for easier understanding and simplified application.

Proficient Mentors

  Experienced, skilled and highly trained Mentors (Atleast 7 years of field experience) lead the Mentoring & training activities which will be a fruitful experience combined with the ease of learning,with us.


  We always wanted our clients to learn everything from A 2 Z and get to core of the concept.


Enlightenment plan is a Perfect blend of Knowledge and our Experience".

- Explore & Learn the un-explored truth about markets from Us.

Intensive One on One Trading Training Programme

We proudly present our,

Benefits of learning


What is Elliott Wave Principle ?

  Ever wondered that why the term Elliott wave principle (EWP) is mentioned everywhere in our website. That's ok! first, let us address the basic question about what is Elliot wave principle (EWP).


  We all know that people are behind markets and they make the markets rally or plummet. What makes this contradictory reaction in markets....?

  People are not influencing the markets but in turn, their psychology takes the power of influencing. Know more...

Learning at its Best

Our education system, Advanced Technical analysis course is not Rudimentary!


Identification of Trends

The principle lets you to identify timely ENTRY and EXIT points in any time frame before any potential move (News, Data Releases, etc..,) and also signals you, if you were in wrong side other than what market does.

Saves Money, Time and from Anxiety

Enough of the nail biting frustrating moments due to false break-outs. Easier identification of False Break-outs, the principle primarily puts you in the cautious mode at the preliminary stages of analysis. Trade with your Claiber UP..

The Principle lets you to Account for all possible moves in future and selects the best among them based on Scientific rules and mathematical relations combinedly. Helps in neglecting Complex trades and aids by providing add-on confidence to trade in high probable moves.

Trade Confidently
Envisions a Trader

Elliott wave principle opens the path for a new dimension in trading and explains itself every movement in the asset. Thereby, allowing a trader to identify the scientific logic behind market's price action. Followed and Trusted by millions of traders around the world.

Offers THE Best Perspective ever

The trader can understand what is happening in an asset, what is progress of current movement and anticipate future moves. The best Way to understand the assets underlying psychology. Acts as a significant platform to analyse all three degrees of trend - Past, present and future.

Trade Assistant

We mean it... yes, the principle is a reliable trade assistant that blocks all unwanted emotions beforehand and lets you to trade with professionalsm &  discipline.

Covering all the grounds from very basics to highly sophisticated concepts gives trader, a leading edge. Therefore, Neither we nor our customers Rely on coincidence, we make our clients Rule future price action in any market.

Shakthivel Dravid, Mumbai

very good detailed training for Elliott wave principle. They are very cooperative & Very knowledgeable persons. I recommend this 1 on 1 courses to every trader who wants to understand the markets better.




What exactly does the course comprise of ?

The course deals with imparting knowledge in the domain of advanced concepts (Psychology & Mathematics) that leads to better understanding of markets.

We ditch the convenience of lecturing about inept concepts, strategies & methodologies such as candle -stick patterns, watching news, indicators / oscillators - we focus on things that are important & leave the rest to where it belongs.

Worry about Support? Not any more !

We implement state of the art techniques & infrastructures to support our clients in the best possible way, so that they can learn peacefully without worrying about after learning support.

1 on 1 mentoring

Explore the benefits of our 1 on 1 intensive trading training programme.

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Virtual learning environment

Understand the uniqueness. Set to enhance the ease of learning.

Experience the best in class trading training platform. Free 5+ hours of sessions, tests & much more.

Online trading academy


Understand the very nature of the markets by the ways of EWP, their behavior and how to trade professionally with all the knowledge. our core concentration is on educating chart analysis through EWP.


Culminate the habit of identifying chart behavioural clues to analyse the structure and characteristics of every move in all degrees of time... past, present & future.  Encompasses a trader to understand the idea that market is not a place for gambling or speculation.


The significant factor that accounts for the profits and losses. Calculations are not controlled by trader's emotions rather by scientific principles, Math and Rules.


The Knowledge will serve as a beacon for a trader to devise his very own trading setups in conjunction with the learned principles.

What can a unique trading training platform offer?

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