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Gold Gann Analysis | Gold Forecasts

Hi Traders,

we all know that GANN gave a considerable amoujnt of importance to Mathematics, Geometry & Astrology. Therefore, we have also analysed the chart in these three domains

This Post consists of three videos,

1. General Analysis of Gold from 01 DEC'15 that deals with the super cycles, long term term & Medium term trends and an alyse them as per GANN methodologies.

2.GANN's ASTROLOGY - An Unusual Tale

The various Astrological modules are being plotted by careful consideration of all factors. then simple square that embodies the hoproscope in 2d tells us a lot than we tend to understand.

Given the Video also Talks about the traditional Astrology,

The position of JUPITER & their influence upon the Asset

3.Additional Information

This video discusses about the important Price Levels S&R in conjunction with the above said entities.

Hope Everything Helps You to make better decisions,

Thank you for your interest & time.

Please Share the Same.

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