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Expert vs Novice Trader - Significant Differences

Greetings Traders,

Today, Lets have a great idea about the significant differences between an expert(s) & a novice trader(s).

There are certain factors that distinguishes them.

1. Understanding the game

Believe it or not, it is the #1 difference. Yes, the best ones can interpret the market in a rational and simplest way they can. There are things that makes them have a top notch interpretation.

  • The communication gap between them & the market is relatively very less.

  • They follow the assets they trader at repeated intervals, not missing what they want.

  • Finally, they have already realized what is necessary & not.

Novice traders usually end dealing with unwanted elements around the market & this really makes them move in the opposite direction than what it is supposed to be !

2. Ability to Follow

It might even sound so weird at this point but the fact is,

"There are many great analysts, who can clearly understand & predict the markets, but the real problem is that they are waried about their work and their hesitation to act promptly" makes them vulnerable to reduced Profits or losses.

The experts are the ones who would never procrastinate when it comes to trading & Portfolio Building.

Novice traders has no part in here. since, they do not understand what really happens - it doesn't matter whether they act or not.

3. Timing

The Probability of success lies is in the execution, far more than any other influential factors. The trader who knows When & where to enter & exit, succeeds.

"Proper timing is predominantly more important".

There is a wise saying that befits this category,

" The long you stay watching your trading screen, the more probability to lose"

- things really sync up with this, because human emotions & psychology are the determinant factors for constant success and the same has to be kept in control for trading in a professional way.

PRO TIP: Better spend more time in analyzing rather than just starring at screens.

4. Active involvement

As stated earlier, the successful traders follow the assets they trade with real caution and they stay awake of abrupt changes in the market environment. The real challenge here is not to spend too much time on analyzing and this can be achieved only through the rigorous practice.

PRO TIP: Having a great insight on higher degree time frames would be a good place to start.

5. Risk & Money Management

We surely can say one thing that this part of trading is more of an art than science or math.


A wise trader knows how to mitigate the risk on his portfolio by various techniques & through the trait of professionalism

Money Management

Understanding the true value of capital is an essential means of a successful trading and the style of trading & calculations are greatly influenced by your idea on capital preservation & appreciation (simply, risk & reward)

Also, the clear calculation of effective lost size do matter more & they too are a resultant of effective money management.

These are all few traits of a successful trader and one last thing is that, the determination is more important than anything, as trading might encompass both profits and losses and one should not be frustrated by losses - continuing in the right direction makes you successful.

Analyse relentlessly & trade inspiringly


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Thank you for reading this article,



Happy Trading


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