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An opportunity Leadbrains wants its viewers & subscribers to give it a go for free, (this contains extreme high significance trade ideas & setups), as this is also a Part of Premium trade setups (PTS) - the badge PTS has its own value, which we plan to launch by the end of July. To know more about premium trade setups, click here.


To the analysis,

Refer the weekly analysis from our trading view profile here.

lets understand what the market is doing in larger time frames, say, Nifty Monthly chart analysis.

Nifty Monthly Elliott Wave analysis

The monthly charts shows the strength the trend possess through 5 consecutive months of rally and moreover the static resistance @ have been paddled and its time for a limited downside move (may not be reflected in monthly time frames). To understand it to the core, the analysis has to be deeper, i.e. the daily frame analysis in NIFTY.

Nifty Daily chart Elliott wave analysis

As the part of Elliott wave analysis, the labeling clearly states that this is an upward impulse move consisting of 5 waves and it can also be inferred from the chart that the move has be framed as an expanding leading diagonal triangle and hence the wedge shaped structure and this has many takeaways and to discuss one by one,

What has happened...?

The move within the daily charts have been corrective and not motive in nature and hence the subdivisions in the form of triple threes (W), (Y) & (Z), the move initiated lifting NIFTY from the depths 6830. This triple three formation has been seen in wave 1 & 3.

  • The end of 3rd wave - @ levels previously mentioned in the JUN update ( if you don't remember visit it here ).


What is happening...?

  • The initiation of 4th wave and its movement is transverse to that of the main trend.

  • Further to our note here, the retracement should be deeper than that of previous 2nd wave retracement.

  • Now to note that where the 4th wave is heading, visit the video embedded here.

LeadBrains Updates for JULY

This month is crucial for us. we have planned very big launches this month.

Our online trading course

Developed through INDIA's best interactive online trading academy including content, materials and resources for training and live support, chat, discussion forums, charts, notes, etc.., (scheduled to launch on JULY 27). you can even try 20% of the courses for free. View the progress here.

The Brains' online Shop

One stop solution for all needs of a trader (the process is on the way, nearing completion, it is live here).

Premium Trade Setups (PTS)

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Trade assistance services (TAS)

The assistance service offered to our learners and course takers, A bifocal service that enhances the knowledge and accuracy of trades @ unbelievable prices.

Mobile App for shopping & major changes to the UI & content of website.

LeadBrains Updation Queue

An outstanding Mobile APP for learning on the go - contains the DNA of our interactive online trading academy ( desktop variant ).


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