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Continuing From the weekly forecast from Trading view Profile, here...

Lets dig deeper to the roots, i.e in daily time frames

Intro - We have planned to release a Free Elliott Wave insight on NIFTY FUT for each contract , every month ( somewhere near start of that month ) with video explanation. However, this is also an updated analysis to its predecessor.

Therefore, we request every visitor to bookmark & visit this website for regular free update on your tradable assets.


take a deep look at the chart here

(Apologize us for the awkward handwriting)

As you can easily identify that the move from the bottom of 6832 has taken the form of corrective structure replacing the impulse wave for wave 1, the mainframe,i.e the weekly time frames have been subdivided into triple threes (W), (x), (y), (x), (z).

the important idea here is, within the triple three in the weekly charts, we can identify a double three combination throughout the structure in daily time frame

Remember correlation on charts....?

Where is it heading....?

The NIFTY is almost reaching its target for this current wave which coincides with previous Swing highs @ 8334 -8448 that acts as serious resistances for this move ( wave 1 to complete ).

What after that...?

stay tuned for further updates....!

If visitors / subscribers do have any concerns / difficulties / confusions over the analysis, feel free to contact us here...

DO check the video here for added details & information


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Thank you for reading this article



Happy trading

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