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Nifty - A trillion Dollar Perspective


Hi Viewers & Readers,

Here @ Leadbrains we haven't published this sort article from the day we have started but the secrecy too has its limit & now it has been pushed too far.

At this moment we would like to reveal the knowledge that we had all these years & the actual happening in NIFTY FUT which have been a mystery to many Traders.

Lets just Try to know few things about the Tradable asset NIFTY FUT

  • Founded in 1995.

  • Maintained by IISL.

  • Capital weighted index.

  • Includes large cap 50 companies across various sectors.

Enough of basics & lets get back to business

First of all observe the image carefully. yes, the image speaks it all.

The Circled Black colored labeling wave - 1 has started a new Super millennium. One great thing about Elliott wave is that your idea has to be supported by various other factors too...! such as wide public participation & volume leaving aside the MATH at this point.

Then as we all know the second wave is extremely sharp lasting exactly 1 year - here is an important take away - Recognized that Elliott wave Traders / analysts...?

After completion of Wave 2, the wave 3 as it is have been unfolding exactly as per the Elliott wave analysis & its rules. The major subdivisions are labelled within the red bracket where (1), (2) have been completed & the (3) wave is being under expansion; again analysts think of it what is special in this...?

The smaller time frames confirm that our previous analysis is true through their conjunction & / or correlation. one thing is extremely clear @ this point that the asset is going to surge in the near term future...

Interested to find out how...?

our free analysis on further lower time frames are here.

Doubted about the analysis or need any clarification do not hesitate to contact us .

Would like to study Elliott Wave Principle & / or to know about INDIA's best INTERACTIVE ONLINE TRADING EDUCATION PLATFORM @ unbelievable prices, click here.


Happy Trading



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