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Triggers that scams use for Business

Harsh reality is that everybody knows Making money is not an easy task but they become prey for some scams due to their indulgence.

Don't let them make you a fish for their trap

Ok, now how to identify SCAM's without breaking a sweat

let us discuss few words / strategies that scams use for their business

Secret / Tricks

This is a straight forward way of enticement because as we know there are no secrets in this industry. Sorry we've forgotten few secrets & they are knowledge, experience & finally action apart from this there are none. if any trainer displays / speaks about some sort of secret in their training, then its just the time to move on - concept of economics is everything...!

Softwares - Robots, indicators, oscillators, etc.,

Understand what a software is ---> just a set of commands & believe us there are no commands for a computer that is capable of generating profits or understanding markets its a way if fooling around. just don't fall for it.

The oscillators, indicators on the other hand are always lagging - they are behind the market & particularly no use of them to make money at any instant.


Course segregation

These are a set of smart people who are interested in making money by making a client his Permanent payee through segmenting the entire course into various levels such as beginner, intermediate, Pro, expert, etc..,this clearly states that these firms develop circumstances to create a loop where the customer cannot escape out of it...! & it also clearly explains that these guys never concerned about their clients & their Knowledge rather they are interested in their fees & commissions only.

The way to escape this kind of trap is so simple - select a firm that offers comprehensive package of all the knowledge you'll ever need - say for instance LeadBrains, a firm that truly cares about client's knowledge more than anything offers comprehensive education @ unbelievable costs.


No Trainer can make you understand the whole thing in 4 hours or within 2 days. have some logic in it while considering & yet there are no standard duration for the various courses but it has to be rational in conjunction with the fee Provided.

Finally, the Training is also important. nobody needs a trainer who just leaves their client after learning unsupported.

hence, beware of the timing when it comes to training spending 20K for 2 hours is not a very good move to gain knowledge.

Jargon terms

Most of them nowadays find this method of scamming as their weapon of choice - use of unheard terms that they think will give the client an extra-ordinary feel about them. however, this trick hits the road with clients having some knowledge & pure novice traders are the ones to be with caution.

No Transparency

Transparency is everything - A trainer without displaying syllabus, place of their office or even their fees have to be suspected deeply. This is because they haven't finished the business with a client & even before that they are concealing information from you & how can there be belief or any sort of reliability between the client & trainer.

Our advice is that eliminate those guys & there are still a handful of good Trading education firms in India.


People open your eyes - you are in 21st century & the technology have been skyrocketing since then. Therefor do not believe the proofs they show to you.

Then how to identify my trainer is Knowledgeable person or not...?

speak with them before taking the courses & listen to their words carefully- they should not tweak you to join their courses rather they should address the underpinning reality in the markets. Use your logic to determine whether thy sound professional & how experienced they are...?

Enquire about the supports, training, Course retakes before closing a deal...!


Try our online Trading (technical analysis) course for

Happy Trading


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