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Ground that has to be covered for being a PRO in Markets


The #1 thing to do is determine whether a you are a trader / investor - style of trading, the risk one can take, the expectations from market, whether you are a fundamental / technical analyst. you can find more info on how to trade professionally here,

The key thing here is that, one should gain knowledge & gather Experiences & yes, there are "n" number of ways to do that...!.lets discuss a few,

1. Find a mentor

2. Learn from websites & books

3. Community forums

4.Trial & error & etc...,


The simplest way to get enlightened about financial markets is to have a trust worthy, knowledged - experienced mentor who knows the game. But one important point to notice - Many mediocre Trainers are there to ruin the career of other traders. therefore one have to be specially particular about whom they choose.

lets help you in this aspect on how to eradicate spams easily. just click here...

& now there is a skill with which one can segregate them from the doers list

Everybody need money from markets & for that purpose they intend to learn & gain knowledge -so why do it the hard way...! find your mentor now...!

Websites & books

We do not recommend any particular websites to study but investopedia is a good place to start through for learning very basics & when it goes down to Professional level one have to switch gears & here you cannot expect any free website can be of much help - because nothing is free in this world. The books that we will recommend is Graham & dodd's SECURITY ANALYSIS for covering fundamental ground & there is no particular book that you can learn to develop technical trading skills . we suggest to learn from the books that revolves around mass psychology principles rather than the black box indicators /oscillators - Elliott Wave Principle for instance but there are few limitations in this because this concept is really hefty & require lot of practical work & it is not suitable for everybody - as it requires huge interest & a time consuming process too...! do not forget one thing @ this point Learning is just 20 % & implementation, practice & hard work completes the rest to gain experiences. Knowledge without experience is nothing

Thanks to the technology for helping us develop the Online Trading Education Platform that is fully based on Elliott Wave Principle which is focused on developing remarkable experiences to our clients - You can Try free lessons here.

Community Forums

The great thing about being a member in a community forum is that the knowledge can be shared & the saddest part is you can be misguided according to the individual opinions & hence be selective when it comes to socializing. sharing resources can be done easily but experience sharing requires much bigger efforts which only concerned individuals / Education firms can offer .

Trial & error

This is not the apt method for every one as it deals with huge losses & input of enormous effort yet no promise on the results. Also this method demands knowledge for further processing in this aspect. Think twice before proceeding because many traders are into this without even recognizing that they are doing this - Trading without knowledge & experience results in nothing other than TRIAL & ERROR, a self sustaining process until you lose all the money you have ...


Our advice is to learn from the mentor who is professional or a professional training firm because when you read books / websites, you gather information & knowledge but you have no experience & it leads to further losses while you are getting experienced with that.

Spend few hundred dollars in your skill development & then trade confidently so that you can definitely make more than all you've ever wanted.

Thanks for reading this article - LeadBrains

Happy Trading


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