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Crude oil - Is the downturn Over Yet...?


Resuming from previous Crude oil Post in the blog, check it here...We at that time just had an idea that the developing correction could be a triangle but in the recent trading sessions, it is really very clear that the current correction is most possibly a triangle (Elliott wave Descending triangle) and within which the waves ABC have been completed and the remaining two legs D & E are about to be completed and as in a descending triangle the characteristics of the same is to test the support multiple times and which is what the D wave is going to do exactly and after that the E ( FINAL ) wave as dictated by the principle will be a multiple of FIBO numbers, with respect to Previous C wave rally and most possibly the .786 will be the target for the above stated E wave. View the video as it also explains below one degree from daily charts to H4 charts.

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