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How to choose the best online trading training platform...?

Nowadays it is really common to find most of the training firms offering the trading education through online platforms as they call it, but how to choose the best online trading training platform...?


First of all look for the content demos and understand what their product is all about and if they are totally transparent and the mentors are greatly knowledged & experienced then undoubtedly you can opt for that.

Let us address a few basic & foremost qualifications that are essential for any online trading training to be the best,

  • The #1 thing is that the course should not be theoretical completely and it should be practical in all ways (may or may not be in live charts) You are not opting on a course for listening on to their theoretical lecture. Trading is practical process and yes, the education should also be practical and their method should be explained in charts clearly.

  • Secondly, be greatly aware of these things,

1.Identify whether you can understand their language and accents.

2.Do enquire about the training part because as we know most of the trainers teach online without any training (training is essential more than learning).

3.about their support

  • Do enquire them about the usability in terms of replay (how many times can you replay the session), it is strongly advisable that you go by the training providers who offer unlimited number of revising plan @ zero cost.

  • Do not opt for Courses which only have Just recorded videos (because they might be uploaded some years ago and you may find yourself at a dead end without any support).

What doesn't qualify as an Online Course...?

Some Trainers Teaching their method through Skype and goto meeting, team viewer doesn't even count as an online educational course and it doesn't even sound that professional (Beware of these stuffs). There are major disadvantages on opting to this sessions, mostly they are not repetitive and in case they are they will charge you fee and definitely there is no chance of training through this module and you are restrained of timing and your schedule is framed which might give a feel of inconvenience.

In What Ways do LeadBrains Differ from Rest of the competitors...?

  • As we Know, in this industry nobody offers DEMO for their Services on trading education but we @ leadBrains offer Free DEMO on most our of our lessons, so that any trader can verify Our experience and Knowledge and the compatibility with their expectations.

  • We do not teach any back street method to our Beloved Clients, We train them to be a professional in trading through Elliott Wave Principle ( a Renowned method Followed by millions of traders Around the globe) @ unbelievable Prices for the first time in the country.

  • We are really proud to develop highly interactive online trading training Platform. As the name itself suggests we do not just educate our clients but we empower them through the Training embedded in the platform and Tests & quizzes are provided to evaluate their level of understanding.

  • The course content is made Practical as much as it can with most of the sessions revolving around the chart analysis and yes, this is apart from training.

  • We provide What our Customers Deserve...,They Are given freedom to learn any number of times @ anywhere, anytime and at any pace until they are satisfied on their performance....

  • Support is highly Essential & it is embedded in our online trading training platform itself apart from that the learner can discuss with the fellow learners and for any complex queries new sessions will be shoot out in no time and which will ensure that the query is resolved to the highest degree of satisfaction.

  • Last but not the least The course is often & regularly updated with new discoveries and insights and more chart analysis as never before...

We are working on our way to accomplish wonders...

As said Earlier this is not just an online video, it is something more than that....

The THRILL countdown is about to begin...!!! brace yourselves....

Try our courses for free, here...


Happy trading


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