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Crude oil Significant & FINAL Move, Daily Research and analysis

Continuing from the Weekly Forecasts,

Within the Z wave (Circled one, orange), the Whole Subdivision is a Double three (W), (X) & (Y) and within (Y) the waves subdivide into W, X, Y & Z and in that the trend lines rules Plays a moajor role and wave Z is only in the arsenal to be completed.the trendlines play a predominant role in Providing the target (23.40) to be exact..

Remember this is the final move in the sequence as per the analysis and after this move is over the Whole scenario Changes (the bull market That might last for years are Waiting and also remember another thing,as this is the final leg downside and the Uncertainity prevailing in markets may result in some kind of Endingdiagonal patterns @ lower degrees.

Happy Trading ..

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