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One-on-one Mentoring

  • We provide state of the art mentoring services on technical trading education to make our customers an expert in any financial market by the way of Elliott Wave Principle (EWP).



  • We simplify understanding market's price action based on EWP and enlighten our customers.



  • Our services are tailored to every customer for making them understand easily.



  • Technical Trading course deals with Practical mentoring, as a Project Based training (PBT) and theoretical lessons are limited...!


  • Our market veterans who are atleast 7 years experienced mentor the classes.

  • Introducing INDIA's first, fully interactive Online Trading Academy - A tech inspired Trading educational platform. Feel the difference, its not just the collection of videos, something more than that enriched with quizzes, section wise training charts, discussion forums, live support, etc.,



  • Nullifying the hurdles infront of any learner, easy to use, learn, practice and understand.



  • Learn at your own place, pace and time and revisit any number of times until you are prowess at what you are looking for.



  • online Trading academy Promises Regular updation  with new content  Embedded with trading ideas apart from Trading Educational Course.



  • Uncompromised Fun & ease of learning.


Online Trading  Academy

Portfolio services

  • We provide portfolio sevices for HNI's.



  • Pre-determined agreement is made with repsect to risk-reward ratios.



  • We only manage client' s account and we get our share on profits (conditions apply).



  • We will trade in any segments based on best valued assets interms of ROI, volatility, time and price action (decided by our analysis).



  • We always give our utmost preference to this service, as it deals with client's trust and resources.

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