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    Crude as we all know is the most volatile asset in futures after natural gas and gold, silver are after that.we also should be aware that volatility is the key factor for making lucrative profits. This isn't the only reason why we choose them for trading, there are few technical reasons that intimidate us,



  • Every of the commodity super cycle's top has been ended and now we are due on the correction side of one larger degree of the trend which could last for more than 6 years (we have already completed 3 and half years in that).



  • It is particular and obvious that the corrections are more volatile than impulses because they are driven by motivated Eagerness in markets to begin new trend shortly.


(NOTE : The individual sections in sub pages contains the charts labelings based on Elliott wave principle and one cannot understand the labellings and their significance until they are knowledged and experienced about the principle).

Why Crude, silver and Gold....?

          This page consists of forecasts that are accurate to actual happenings. This is a free page (no need for subscription) and it is updated fortnightly consists of only forecasts for NIFTY, Crude oil, silver and gold particularly for  swing trading set ups. This section contains only high probability views and labelings and is only recommended for Elliott wave analysts and not for all.


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