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Online Trading Course

Online Trading Course

SKU: AEZ-900
The unique platform that derives its existence through the empowerment of highly experienced mentors and given life through high end technology that doesn't even miss a chance, to mesmerize a trader who is hunting for knowledge in this domain through its broad range of possibilities for Educating, evaluating & training an individual who desires to be on top of the knowledge hill, for being an expert in the field of trading. The course by default comes with 3 month validity, use customization to extend the validity.

Please Note that, the online trading course that you are about to buy is segmented in 3 variants. First variant having 3 months validity is learn only and training cannot be availabled with that. The  other 2 variants, whose validity is greater than or equal to 6 months are comprehensive & they include the right to avail Training services.

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