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"we are not sure about being your first search but we are certain that we will be your last, regarding education about markets".


   Everything in life is a result of our choices, Aspiring to be Knowledgeable, Skilful, Smart is all about making right choices. Your best choice is just a click away.


An Esteemed Education awaits you...


Stuck on questions?





Being "penny-wise, Pound-foolish" is not a smart decision here, spending for knowledge and proper development through education is a great choice that anyone can make.


Most traders in markets hold this type of mindset, "In for a penny, in for a pound". Then why losing your pounds for being oblivious to the importance of Knowledge and Education. Know it (Methodologies, concepts & Principles) and take it from there on.

Let us show you the experience & power of one-on-one coaching

"Enough of Trading only for losing money; Attain a new dimension in trading"



Includes access to our online trading education Platform, support & training materials will be shipped.

starting from

  INR 7,700               108  


Add wisdom to your trading career by our best inculcations through one on one mentoring with the added advantage of our Online Trading Course. Training at its best with guaranteed Spectacular ambiance to learn effectively & quickly.


      INR 1,49,999         $ 2310


Fee structure info is given in the PDF,


Includes one on one mentoring, Training (online), Materials (offline) and life time support.


  INR 1,04,000          $ 1,457  


For info on fee structure, download the PDF



Q. Is There any support available after course completion..?


          At any instance our method is aimed to make the trader a professional analyst like one of us or even greater than us and importantly Independent,so there is no need for any support for our clients apart from training which is included in the package but we always assure our clients,that we will be there to support them in need (No conditions).



Q. How many days are needed to be an expertise in EWP..?


         We can't tell exact number of days but that depends on your interest and following capabilities.Usually it takes about a month or two for becoming an expert and to learn it will take 6 to 10 days (Approx) and there are no additional fees for extra days we will be mentoring you until we are satisfied that you are good to go with it (don't worry we've got your back).



Q. Is there any demo available..?


            You can try our online course for free (very limited lessons for trial) & have use of our offer for verification facility and get satisfied or look at our blog section to compare the method's plausibleness. (Any clarifications can be made with us before taking the course).


Q. Do i have to travel to your office..?


         Absolutely not, the speciality of our Services  are that we will travel for you to your place & also convinient to your timing, we can schedule the classes (Accomodation and travel expenses are seperate and are not included  in the course fee). Our online Trading course is also a solution to this challenge.


Q. When has to be the fee paid and is there any installments available..?


         The fee has to be paid at the beginning and there are two installments. After successful transaction  the classes will be conducted.


Payment is on two installments for our one on one services & One time payment for our online Trading course.


1.100$ or 200$ based  on the plan selected (through online payment gateway in website).

                                  (Spot & schedule confirmation)


2.Remaining amount (only wire transfer mode (NEFT/IMPS) is available).



Q. Is there any refund..?


       Usually, there are no refund after services being taken up from any service provider but we provide additional support in case of any mis-understandings or difficulties in applying the  principles (free of cost for an extended period of time) until your satisfaction and we do not provide any refunds after courses are completed or after payment of full fees (REFER OUR PAYMENT POLICY).



Q. Is there any online coaching provided..?


       one has to clearly  understand that learning and  applying Elliott wave principle successfully is very difficult and we believe that online coaching is not suitable for everyone and yet we are in the process  of developing online coaching only for the needy and persons capable of self study.


          Our online Education platform is under development, visit the progress here.



Q. What about the training kit..?


         The training Kit is a workbook full of specially selected charts in conjunction with the level of training, the solution (key ) for all the charts with detailed descriptions are given clearly. Apart from the workbook, our customers will be given access to training page in the website for analysing charts; until it is not required, formally.


* The training Kit will be issued at the end of mentoring,

* For our online Trading Education plan customers, it will be shipped to the given address within a week after successful registration.



Q. What about PTS...?


         For queries related to PTS, please refer to the FAQ section of PTS


 If you have even more doubts or want to know anything specifically elaborate, contact us

Q. Why should i learn this..?


         Well,this question has a direct answer,one can lose more than thrice of the course fee within a span of 10 to 15 days (almost) by following all of the indicators and watching whole lot of news and data releases or hearing to some inept expert's advice.If you wish to do the same thing, good luck then.But for those who understand that market is bigger than us and their movements cannot be predicted using indicators or data releases and realise the need for knowledge; the course is for you.




Q. What makes the course this expensive..?


         Most of the trainers teach about indicators,oscillators and ask their customers to watch for news and data releases but we teach the method  that explains the  exact way a Market works, no rubbish indicators or something like that. The method that we teach is Reliable, Frontier in the science of psychology, gives broader perspective about any financial market. Yes, the course is 10x expensive  than others, had You noticed our 100x better quality and standard than others (For example: consider Apple, Mercedes, Rolex and also LeadBrains), quality products are always worthy and Expensive and no substitute for them. There is no other course that one wants to learn after this course for being successful in markets.




Q. How  is it superior to any indicator/oscillator..?


         Anyone who is experienced in using indicators will find them lagging (i.e they give signals only after market's movement and often false breakouts) but EWP engages a trader before inception of  any moves on the analysed time frame (5 min or monthly charts) with selected possibilities and confirms the direction & momentum of forecoming trends.thanks to Elliott, that there are no such thing called false analysis.EWP is not a program as any indicator but it is a combination of MATH & MASS-PSYCHOLOGICAL principles and a trader has to use these principles in a traditional pen & paper approach to analyse the markets.




Q. Is it really worth the money..?


        The worth of any education is up to the person learning it and we can assure that no other method in the world gives a better perspective in markets than Elliott wave principle does, the money spend here can be made as profit in matter of hours after understanding the core concept and gathering experiences with it. Also read our customer reviews here.




Q. What is the Accuracy level of the Principle..?   


        We are not going give any answer such as 80 or 90% and don't expect that from us. The accuracy is defined here as, the way one applies Elliott Wave principle and if the application is correct without any mistakes, then the market is in your hands ,100% accurate.

Note that market is always correct and only people make mistakes, it will do what it has to do. (To apply correctly, we are here to help). To err is Human.




Q. Does this method work..?


        We are untiringly analysing markets more than 12 hours a day since 7 years, but we haven't found any other better method compared to EWP and that is why we are following it and  also propagating it in the form of education.




Q. Does this method alone is enough/is it the ultimate method..?


        The question can be in many ways but the answer remains same to those. First of all we want to address that EWP is not a method, it is a broad scientific principle based on mass psychology (people move markets and psychology has an important role to play in markets). This principle addresses psychology and helps us to apply it through simple means and yes, it is ultimate.




Q. What mode of teaching do you follow..?


              The initial part of teaching is theoretical, MATH based & conceptual, the lateral parts are concentrated on educating about chart analysis which is mentored in charts and live market environment, rest of the course is focused on the  application of learnt principles (TRAINING).

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our Services.
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