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Premium Trade Setup (PTS)

We present your holy Grail,


- A leadbrains Exclusive

Leadbrains' Premium trade setups

Competitor Stuff

90 - 95 % accurate bla..bla...

If you do have any queries about PTS,
                                                                    do check our FAQ section here...!

LeadBrains' Competitors

Premium trade Setup

100 % Accurate Flat...!

An Average Trader is 10 steps behind the market but PTS is miles ahead of it.

Let it be a bit more clear...

The idea behind this service is fairly simple,


Take Advantage of  our Knowledge, experience & Analysis.


You Trade based on our Analysis with a complete set of pre - requisites for a perfect trade such as SL, TP & optimal lot sizes.


The best part is that, it is not just a tip but a better opportunity to learn - from live trades, undeniably a remarkable experience.

Other great news is that this whole idea gets updated until that trade is closed profitably.

Is it earthly...? & that doesn't even sounds possible...!

Obviously, it might be hard to believe yet it is under an experienced trader's Realm.


Definitely Hardwork & Experience takes their credit here.


And as we all know but forget to remember that "Nothing is impossible in this world"

There is definitely no secret stuff but Knowledge is put to practise.

Is that it...?

  • PTS is made available only for our Exclusive Premium / comprehensive+ Members - we have to be selective while offering our best.


  • The Trade setups are limited because we focus on its Accuracy & not in its count (if you are interested in more number of mediocre setups, there are tons of people available throughout the country to provide it for you).


  • No Trial for this sevice.


  • The Setup can be devised for any Tradable Asset which deems to be  Accurate & profitable to consider & trade.Therefore, no requests on particular assets are encouraged.


  • Any subcriber of this service unquestionably abide to our Terms & conditions.

How to...?

  • Subscribe to this service by paying Rs.5,000 through this link.

  • This service has to be renewed Monthly (No auto Renewals - a reminder will be sent to the subscribers).

  • The Subscriber will be notified about the new PTS after it is aired, through e-mail and they have to visit the secure page which contains information in the form of a detailed video Presentation (with charts & other info).

Starting VERY SOON

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 A division of Brains' assistance services. The service that focuses on quality rather than the quantity.


  •  Simple & easy enough to understand directions - Not just a tip but PTS doesn't misses a chance to impress you on educational aspect too. 

  •  Everything video concept - the idea that clarifies our clients & facilitates in easier understanding.

  •  No alternatives approach (various otherwise directions within a tip) that a  makes PTS first of its kind.

  •  Covers a wide range of assets​ and even gets broader day by day.

  •  PTS Mentions - until a trade is closed profitability, the follow up is carried on that asset. Share your doubts & thoughts with the leading Experts at the instant they arise and get responded eventually. 


we've got some regulatory issues to be cleared, before on-setting this service and soon our legal team will be resolving them.

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