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Methods followed for teaching

     We always believed that nothing is possible without a perfectness in the system being followed. Therefore, we have precisely designed a system which makes our customers gain ultimate knowledge, for which the course is reckoned for.


                                             Enlightenment plan + systematic Training = Ultimate knowledge.


  • First, we schedule and complete all the classes (whatever time it takes).


  • we will train you to analyse the charts that we have prepared for providing Experience based on the Elliott Wave principle that you've learned.

                               Week I to III                    - simple charts to analyse

                               Week IV to indefinite   - Exceptionally complex charts to analyse


                     (Every customer will receive training materials to their mailing address within 7 days of subscription).




     (Every customer will receive the charts that are to be analysed, in their email often.They will be analysing it and sending it back to us, in which we will be examining for errors and correct them by providing additional info if required). (GO GREEN)


  • Paper trading practice accounts will be given to gain rock-solid trust on Your abilities and everlasting Experiences to deal with real accounts in real-time markets (recommended time frame 2 months, At least).


       Therefore, a customer after learning from us will have to do all of the aforementioned practices under our supervision, where we will be monitoring their progress carefully; which is inclusive of the package.

* These practices are distinct to every customer based on their performances.

  •        We will only conduct one on one sessions and no classroom coaching because we are very much concerned about the quality of the education we provide.


  •       No theory Classes only Experimental, "because we know that "knowing is knowing and doing is doing" (we teach through interactive presentations and practice charts in the real-time market environment) to raise our customer as an astute Trader.


  •       The way of teaching is distinct to every customer which is based on their interest and calibre (tailored).


  •       We will teach and analyse the markets only by the way of Elliott Wave Principle.


  •        Neither we watch any news, data releases (NFP, ADP, home sales, etc..,), central bank policies (FED, ECB, BOE) or any professional's advice nor we recommend our clients to do so.


  •      We do not use any technical indicators (MACD, RSI, Bollinger Bands, MA's, ADX, etc..,) and no software or expert advisors or robots in our organisation for any purposes.


  •      We do not provide any CD's or books and ask you to learn from them. We teach you everything solely and give key points to make a note of and make you understand without expecting any special effort from your side except listening & practising. (Training materials such as practice charts, paper trading account will be provided).




System materialised for training


Everything is similar as that of our Enlightenment plan but the main difference is that there is no tangible face-2- face mentoring but the interaction will be a step ahead with the help of technology, where the founder will be teaching all lessons in an interactive online education platform and it is not just a video presentation it is something more than that - consisting of concepts and principles constructed in great manner, training charts, quizzes, live support, discussion forum (to chat with fellow learners).


Learn at your own pace, any number of times until you get satisfied & at any time.


                " A study shows that giving adequate time for learning is the most crucial factor for learning successfully ".


                                 For Additional info, Refer e-learning


The course covers all the concepts, principles, MATH and training based on them. Apart from Knowledge, the course is developed in such a way for training our customers to be Diligent, Disciplined, (3 P's) Perseverant, patient and perfect; above all it provides remarkable Experience for being savvy. The support is provided indefinitely and can be clarified any number of times until customer's satisfaction.

What does the course provide?

We do not provide any guarantees. You are about to deal with capital markets worthing billions or trillions. So, there is no guarantee that you will not lose anywhere and succeed always but we can guarantee that you will be best equipped with all the knowledge and experience, which is more than enough to succeed in any financial market. We will always be available for support, discussion, doubt - clarification but as Mentors, our job ends with taking the horse to the pond. Kindly keep this in mind and do not believe that your job is done once you enrol for a course. In many ways, your job begins when you enrol for your course.

What is not covered in the course?


" The impression of quality can never be Replaced ".

 The outstanding & distinguishing feature of LeadBrains - PersoniX Signature, through which We offer our customers a personalised education based on their calibre & interest and train them uniquely with the arsenal of concepts, principles and tools in such a way so that they equip themselves in rapidly changing market scenarios successfully. This concept of ours makes a trader more avid in his pursuit by enriching them with what they really & necessarily wanted.  


 We are very much deliberately concerned about the quality of our education and this is the main reason behind conducting only one on one sessions (The principle if taught in a classroom, where the mentor having diverged attention will definitely result in misunderstanding of the whole idea and leads to total misinterpretation which are too bad for a trader being a learner).

 We would like to have individual attention to every customer so that they have a feeling of priority and safe with back-ups combined with the better use of their capital; also we will have the ultimate satisfaction that the customers are treated well and made to understand in a great manner. This Rapport serves as a bridge between us and our education platform.


 The development of thought process after learning is explained as,





The initial step is the identification of ongoing trend, its strength and a rough calculation of all parameters.

Based on the past developings in chart, by the use of science, principles and math learned various possibilities are being accounted for.

The Process of developing alternate ideas accompanied by intense MATH for getting accurate insights about happenings with nil or reduced alternatives.

After summarising objective analysis results, Math and Geometry does their part on further investigation of T.P levels (risk  to reward ratios) and the probable strength (momentum) and duration for reaching the target.

Analysis based on learnings and training acquired.





we know it & know it very well

 LeadBrains has its deeds specifically concentrated on more than Educating a customer; to make them think, develop and solve the market puzzle effectively themselves; which we call as PersoniX SIGNATURE. The on-demand technical analysis course that every trader needs for being an expert.

 Our teaching pedagogy is concentrated on emphasising the basics & core concepts because if they are strong, the thought process takes care of itself (which we consider to be the most important and inevitable skillset for every successful trader).


 We make our customers understand that every MARKET  is composed of only 2 entities and they are PRICE-ACTION and TIME.Chart (Price action) is internal to market as it is like nail and flesh, whereas all other factors including any news, data releases, political and global causes are always external to markets.Our core concentration is to Educate chart analysis by the way of EWP.



 We will never use, rely on or teach about any indicator, oscillator, statistical models, candle-stick & basic chart patterns or robots (incl software to find trends). We do not watch any data releases or expert's advice to take a trade. we strategically analyse markets, mentor and train only through the ways of Elliott Wave Principle (EWP).


 We will not be providing any books or CD's and ask the customer to learn from them, we will be teaching everything solely (one on one) through interacting presentations and in the real-time market environment to make our customer understand every single concept behind markets - AN INTENSIVE TRADING TRAINING PROGRAMME.


" We are very much concerned about the knowledge that a customer acquires from us ".


 Our method, teachings and training are intended to make a trader versatile, which is more important than anything. We train our customers to engage in trading with discipline because we believe that without discipline, Trading is worthless.


 We have put forth ourselves in the situation where we have to carry out the most challenging job (very efficiently) we ever had done. We are constantly analysing and comparing ourselves with competitors and the main aspect that differentiates us from them is not the method, strategy or experience but only our utter motive for knowledge (through education) accomplished by our passion for doing things with un-rivaled perfection which makes us always stay ahead of them.

 We provide the ambient environment for our customers in the best Possible way which is apter and promoting factor to gain Knowledge and experiences in utmost shorter time spans.


 We know that we are doing great than any of our competitors; we say this because we have been like you, searching for a great and knowledged mentor during our early stages of  our trading career (past 7 years) and are heavily disappointed in their ways and their methods (including their work towards it) and finally ended up wasting money and time on those guys. This is the main reason for us to pave a way and enlighten fellow traders, those who wish to rise in life and in knowledge, with such extreme energy and enthusiasm and we are highly confident that every customer will find this true; what we have mentioned in the passage formerly, at the end of our training.



" We always wear the shoes of a learner to train our clients; not the pride and sharpness of an experienced mentor ".

" Quality & Customer Satisfaction are not the words that we take lightly! ".

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