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Course Description

      "You've Dreamt of it and we made it for you".

We train our customers uniquely - PersoniX SIGNATURE , Our teaching Philosophy is not aimed on just educating but to train the traders to have a scientific perspective on every  trade they make (to think on their own) or even for every move they look at.The course is designed in such a way to bridge the gap between a trader and Knowledge (profits), to develope their skills through ultimate Industry superior training methods.


Become an expert in an Advanced level 


Technical analysis Trading Course

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     "For a trader, aspiring to be a niche in trading world has to acquire hefty Knowledge and worthful  Experiences". After years of experimentation & ex-cogitation about the needs of a trader in terms of Knowledge & Experience, we have devised this education plan.

The method we teach and follow is intended to hone the traders, to foster them and to make them game ready.



" When high class, On-demand Knowledge meets Perfection; the result is superior quality Education ".



GUIDANCE &                                      SUPERVISION
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  Traders Psychology (chart behavioural clues representing people's psychology or social mood in the asset) occupies 2/4-th of the course and it contains the reason & explanation for,


  • Trend formation,


  • Market price action,


  • Wave classification and structure,


  • To analyse when and where does the trend starts, ends or likely to reverse,


  • How much vigour or momentum underlies the ongoing trend and forecoming trends,


  • Where to place protective stops and how much to expect for  profit (TP value)  based on all the above criterias and finally,


  • Money Management.


  Math has a significant role to play with markets and we are not mentioning algebra or differentiation but just basic geometry and arithmetic ratios which occupies    1/4-th of the entire course which will be taught by our experts in an easy and interacting manner without dragging it as a pure theoretical pedagogy and it contains,


  • Fibonacci relationships
    (where and how to use them effectively) w.r.t the wave Principle,


  • Expansion and Retracement ratios,


  • Trend lines and their significance.


 Above mentioned concepts are needed for determining rapid dynamic supports and resistances and for identifying the flow of trends.


 Finally, application of all learnt principles and math is put to practice here, under our professional guidance and supervision and it occupies the last 1/4-th of the course. The time taken is dependent on the caliber and Grasp of the trader (learner).


  This is most important of all phases  because this is the module where learned concepts are put to practice for gaining expert level experience and to identify initial mistakes.

  The training is carried out through various modules: ONLINE & OFFLINE


  Recommended time frame: 2 months in our training material, online training platform and in paper trading account.

Our teaching methodology is conceptualised on the fact that,



Priority @ LeadBrains

What a greater privilege can a learner be gifted better than learning at his place, time and pace...?


      Inside of our Enlightenment plan, We mentor you through all concepts, facts, principles, MATH & framing a winning Trade plan to succeed in trading STEADILY & IN LONG-TERM BASIS.


Here is a breakdown of the curriculum of our Intensive Trading Training Programme.

To Financial Markets

     A brief introduction about financial markets, our experts gets to explain its foundation bricks, the framework of economics & culmination concepts (basic components about demand & supply in detail), leverage...?, about common flaws of usual traders and most essential concepts to be learned, in general, about a healthy trade setup.

Lesson 1
Introduction to Elliott Wave Principle

     Getting into the heart of the curriculum, a detailed info about EWP, its advantages over other inept strategies (candle stick patterns, basic chart patterns, indicators, oscillators, etc.,). The idea  & role of science & math formulations in EWP.


What to know as an Elliott Wave analyst - Motive waves (diagonal triangles incl.,), corrective waves, characteristics of individual waves, wave degree, DO's and DONT's.

Lesson 2
Key patterns influencing the territory

      The detailed Coalition of corrective and motive waves are described greatly by our experts, getting few steps interior to the core about the combinations in them, hefty description about combinations in corrective waves (zig-zags, flat & its types, Triangles), Extension in motive & corrective waves, their significance, Thrust & its measurement.


 Our experts pesonalise the whole lesson upto your caliber for easier identification of trends, patterns.

Lesson 3
The trend Psychology

      In this lesson we will cover all the guidelines that are quintessential and are highly necessary for understanding the wave principle and to apply it effectively.


  •      The inherent subcategories are,

  • Alternation.

  • Equality.

  •   Depth of Corrective waves.

  • Volumes.

    * - continued in other lesson.

Lesson 4
The Mathematical relations to Psychology

     This module uncovers mathematical & drawing tools (fibonacci and channeling) to ascertain the derived analysis results.


Fibonacci-how to derive it, GOLDEN ratio, what it is to do with fibo numbers in markets...?, when & where to use it, methods to formulate & apply them, various fibo relationships correlating to individual characteristics of waves,


To explore a little of geometry - trendlines & their significance, the ways of channeling & rules (incl.type 2 channeling), their significance.


Lesson 5
Correct Method of Wave Counting

     Not All analysts count the wave structure correctly, to have a practical notion, our experienced team guides in unwrapping the ways through often misguided forest.


Correct method of wave counting, labelling, the cause & effect of the labellings for being correct & wrong.


         (practical lesson).


Lesson 6
Phenomenon of financial management

     It is really not a great idea to miss out on money management (even though it is relatively small topic to cover).


What is money management, calculation of Stop loss (that triggers once in a blue moon) and Take profit levels, how to come up with better risk-reward ratios for great ROI combined with safety of funds.

Lesson 7
The Trade plan

     Even after learning& understanding all this,success is far away from our imagination unless we develop an effective trade plan.


When to Enter and Exit markets - disregarding the SL & TP levels.

For being an astute trader

     After this many years of experience, we haven't found any better substitute for practice and hardwork and we also believe that nobody can do that part for others.


The materials for training will be provided and additional e-mails will be sent often for training purposes with charts.We will always be there to support, discuss but however remember that you have to painstakingly practice from hereon. 

Each lesson may take 2 to 6 hours of mentoring and can be finished usually within a span of 1 week (excluding training) or within 2 days of continued classes (as per the customer's request). The duration is an approx measurement of time and may vary from customer to customer...


However, we do not charge extra for any additional duration.

Being your trust-worthy partner in trading education, your satisfaction is our primary concern.

Detailed description of our Intensive trading training program is given in the PDF. Download the attachment,

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     The Principle can be applied in any time frame during any time of the day for all independent tradable assets (for F&O in all Commodities, FOREX, NIFTY and other global share market indices (dow, S&P)).


We have supports such as Team viewer, Skype, e-mail or telephone modes to solve your queries (if any) even after learning & training, at our office timings (12/7). We also offer extended (free) support through central terminal of our online educational platform (24/7) for any advanced and critical queries.



         When it comes to support, customer satisfaction is our priority.

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