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We started really small in infrastructure but not in our passion & work. we have a great dream - to promote financial literacy by  making trading professional & simplified.


We always wanted to provide quality knowledge and focus on each & every aspect that are left untouched throughout this industry.

We had to improve customer satisfaction by enhancing user experience & hence our platform - simple yet powerful.


We focus on 

The weightage given to key areas within an analysis

Mass psychology    85%

Math Related    75%

TA & geo politics  45%

We deal with

Our interest in various assets & our research expertise on various segments

Our obsession

How we spend our resources & time  on developing leadbrains & assure our customer satisfaction.

Index derivatives   100%

Commodity derivatives   90 %

Forex  50%

Equity  <20%

Online Trading Academy  100%

1 on 1 Trading Training  60%

Research & Analysis  50%

Query Resolution  50%


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     LeadBrains has a distinct Teaching Philosophy, built on the belief that the fundamentals are very vital and everything can be learnt well if the basics are learnt thoroughly. We place very high value on building the thought process, and Rule-based learning gives one an illusion of having covered a lot of ground but is not sufficient for succeeding in markets. It demands more perfection, discipline and experience.


Our definition of success is a bit unconventional, that doesn't aim neither for a higher monetization or revenue generation nor the market share & that doesn't maroon us on any circumstances. 


Success in Brain's language is given by,

our part in wide-spreading the knowledge, wisdom, information in the way that it is supposed to be & the way we do it - the quality & customer satisfaction is our highest priority to be concerned about.


We realize the need to service 1.5 million, growing trading community & the means to empower them in the knowledge domain.

Our vision is to cater the knowledge to 1.5 Million aspiring traders throughout the country & promote professional trading through right skill development without compromising the ease & fun of learning.



Commitment of LeadBrains to its clients


We would like to maintain utmost transparency relative to all matters with our clients. We would always explain about our services and our part in it. We do not provide any foolproof Services that sabotage the relationship with our clients.


We Work intensively and determinently to ensure that our services are always ahead of clients satisfaction and expectation interms of quality and Agility.


Professionalism is the Path to our Success. We select best professionals in our field to ensure that the services offered by us cannot be replaced by none. We would also keep in line our commitment to professionalism superior to our past.


We understand the need for updation on regular basis and all our ideals, staffs and resources are updated often to meet our client's demand. We totally Sacrifice ourselves to what we are doing, our profession.


 LeadBrains can withstand anything but our values are not compromisable on any circumstances.


  • Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal and supreme happiness; anything that sabotages the same will be seriously prosecuted.


  • We will never tolerate any discomfort that happens to you because of our organisation.


  • Any discomfort that you face in / behalf of our company at any time, in any way shall be reported to us by e-mail or telephone and we promise to resolve it in top priority.


  • To raise our services to the worldly standards, we request you to provide your most valuable feedback.


Please be so kind to e-mail: or call us: +91-9715-727-727 or 

Write us to,


LeadBrains Techservices Private Limited 

87E4A1/5, Nammalvar nagar,

Nalltinpudhur, kovilpatti 628503



We offer education & back to back training services in the field of financial markets through varied modes

1. One on one mentoring

2. Online trading academy

3. Virtual learning environment

We are also engaged in  provision of  value added services that can empower the trader to carry out the best possible trades

1. Trade assistance Services

2. Premium Trade Setups

As a result of continuous innovation & hard work, we always look forward to enhance & expand the range of  our services provided, time to time .


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