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          Dinesh is an Engineer  by profession but he found his passion roots leading him to the field of Markets, Economics  and teaching rather than  Engineering. He believes in the strictly disciplined educational approach for provoking any enlightenment. He is a veteran trader, trading for more than 7 years, pretty much experienced to mentoring. He spends most of his time in Analysing international markets and also pretty well determined to do things.

Dinesh - Founder

     Our foremost mission is to promote financial literacy by creating awareness among novice traders and beginners and to help experienced traders; To promote the Knowledge through education and empower Them to participate in Key financial markets without Fear, Greed and to make them successful in their trading Career. To create a unique identity in the field of trading education amidst the competitors.


     Our innovation is to find and develop new methods to mentor and to trade, a refined and most elegant solution for the most complex and ever - challenging markets.


   We strive harder to be a benchmark in the field of trading (Education), "create & provide the best Trading system (Training) for our clients".


     Our long term vision is to revolutionize the education in trading and make it, how it should be ----- To be AN EPITOME.



               LeadBrains has a distinct Teaching Philosophy, built on the belief that the fundamentals are very vital and everything can be learnt well if the basics are learnt thoroughly. We place very high value on building the thought process, and Rule-based learning gives one an illusion of having covered a lot of ground, but is not sufficient for succeeding in markets.It demands more perfection, discipline and experience.





            The organisation and its components are intended to Educate, Follow & Promote any means of Technical Trading education and / or information; To be successful in any field one needs to gain knowledge and experience and we believe that LeadBrains serves this purpose in a great manner and we are destined to do more  beyond perfection limits and customer satisfaction.     


              Apart from our core concentration, we assist our  clients in building thier financial career & wealth through our auxillary services.



               We train our customers to trade in markets confidently by the ways of EWP.We offer following options to get trained from us.

                                                                                                                                    One-2-one Mentoring and training conducted by our experts, anywhere; as per our customer's request.


              Simplifying learner's efforts and obstacles infront of them, our online course is devised with videos, quizzes, practice charts, discussion Forums, INSTA support; built to teach every aspect of scientific principle behind market price action.


Trade Assistance Programs are Introduced to share our knowledge & expertise. The Trade is extremely expensive but we do them for relatively small fortune. check it out, PTS & TAS



                              Financial governance services offered  to limited clients .


We always believed that the prime movers towards excellence are,







So What is Our OBSESSION....?

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